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Crazy hoop is one of those free basketball games that can be played on the internet. It can help you to improve your basketball tactics. All you have to do is to score as many points you can – it should not be so difficult if you are use to play free basketball games!

Shoot the ball in the hoop – to prepare for shooting press the mouse button and when you consider that you have fixed your target, release the mouse button to shoot – not so different from other online basketball games. Be careful, the hoops are moving so this could be a problem for you. Unlike other free basketball games, this one really makes you feel like you want to play it over and over again until you win. You have no time limit – on the screen you have displayed only your shots, goals and hoops. The big arrow helps you fix your target better. Try to learn some tips in order to improve your basketball skills – for example if your release the mouse button when your arrow is yellow, the ball will not go too far. On the other hand, if you release it when the arrow is red, the ball goes too far. Try to focus and score as much as you can. Another clue in order to send the ball in all hoops is to try to shoot from the sidelines. Remember – in the hoops from the corner of your basketball field, the most difficult and challenging task is to send the ball. Playing other free basketball games – you should be used to such so called ‘traps’. If you are a basketball fan, this sport game will be a great challenge for you. Try to play more free basketball games to improve your skills and become more confident on a real basketball field.

It is not a difficult game – it is an excellent game for those of you who want to practice their basketball skills. Crazy Hoop never gets you bored even if you are or not a real fan player of free basketball games online.