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Prison Basketball


Prison Basketball is a funny game. From all the online basketball games for free, this one can really put a smile upon your face. It is a complex game and you can not get bored playing it. Different from other online basketball games for free, this one helps you improve your basketball skills and puts a smile upon your face, too – it is a way to entertain yourself.

You can choose between the ‘Tournament’ and ‘Training’ mode. If you choose the ‘Tournament’ mode, you can find that this ‘basketball tournament’ has been organized by the prison governor for the most well-behaved of the prisoners. You begin with the first round out of 10 and you have a defined stretch of time: 30 seconds. The point is to score at least 5 hoops in order to complete the level. This game is different from other online basketball games for free because you can easily understand the game due to its menu, which is very well structured.

You can control your player with arrow keys and when you place your character on the marked area, press the ‘CTRL’ button in order to shoot. Try to complete as many levels as you can in order to finish the game. To complete a level, you have to follow and complete the tasks below. For those of you who are not real basketball fans, there's the ‘Training’ mode, too. This is another thing that makes this game more special than other online basketball games for free – you can choose your own mode of playing. ‘Training’ mode has a limited time (30 seconds and 1 extra second for each perfect shot). The goal is to score as many shots as possible. This game reminds you of those high school basketball games that you used to play in your school yard.

Try to play as many online basketball games for free as you can in order to gain more experience and to improve your skills. You can learn some new tips as well. Prison Basketball is a challenge for all the basketball lovers.