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Top Basketball


If you are a live basketball games lover, this game will really entertain you. Top Basketball is a sports game that makes you feel as if you're actually playing live basketball games on a real stadium. Stop trying to download basketball games from the internet hoping that the downloaded game will be a good one.

Start playing live basketball games on the internet. Top Basketball is a game that can represent a real challenge for many of you, especially for those of you who are real basketball games fans. It is a funny game with all those characters in it. All you have to do is to score from different positions. On the top of your screen you have your timer and your score. Try to score as many points as you can within 2 minutes – yes, you have to be careful because your time is limited. You do not have your own character, so it's only your ball that you get to control. Left click on the ball and place it so that you can to have a nice shot. The first shots are not as difficult as the last ones. Different from other live basketball games, this game can put a smile upon every single face, because of its characters. You can choose to see the ‘show room’ where you have the ‘long fly’, ‘beginner’, ‘accuracy’, ‘last goal’ and ‘score’. This is where you can see your results. Always try to beat your own score, try to improve your basketball skills and also, try to beat – why not – you friend’s high scores, too. 

If you are already used to watching live basketball games on TV, then why not playing them, too? After learning some new tips, go out with your friends and play some basketball games. In one word, all you have to do is win this game and beat some high scores in order to gain more confidence – and we all know that confidence and concentration are the key to performance. Top Basketball is more than just a sports game, it's also a challenge for those of you who like to play sports games.