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Crazy Ball


Crazy ball is a game that can help you improve your basketball skills. Different from other basketball games online, playing this one, you will feel like you want to play real basketball games with your friends. As many other basketball games online this one represents a challenge for all basketball players.

This game is a little bit different from other free basketball games, because you can choose between one or two players. All you have to do is put the ball into your opponent's hoop and stop him from doing the same to yours. In order to do that you can use the arrow keys to move horizontally and up arrow to jump – these are the keys for the player 1. For the player 2, on the other hand, you can use the A and D keys to move horizontally and the W key to jump. Different from other basketball games online is the fact that you can play this game with your friends.

Crazy Ball is a game displayed on 3 levels: easy, medium and hard level. You have 4 chances to shoot as many balls as you can – but be careful, you have to score the balls in your basket in order get points. Try to prevent the other player to score. When the time is up, your game is over and the one who scores more points wins the game. At the end of the game, you have your score on the screen and you need to type your name in order to have your name displayed on the high score table. Unlike other basketball games online this one is more complex and its characters can make you smile even if you are not in a good mood.

It is not as difficult as it seem, to play this game. It requires concentration and some basketball abilities in order to shoot the ball into the hoop – like other basketball games online that can be played online. Try to score as much as you can in 4 minutes. More points means less chances for your friends to beat your score. Good Luck!