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Basketball 3


Are you tired of all those basketball games online that get you bored before you start playing it? Tired of not going out because you have to watch basketball games to learn how to play? Basketball-3 is a basketball game which tests your ability and your skills. After playing all kind of basketball games online this one should not be so difficult for such a huge basketball games fan like you.

You have to score as many points as you can. In order to do that, you have to shoot as good and as fast as you can. You can grab the ball if you press the blue button. The game is timed and you have your baskets and balls displayed in the left bottom. Like other basketball games online you have a target and the point is to grab the ball when the target is over the basket. You can have as many throws because the number of balls is not limited. You're lucky if you are a boy because the lady in your right side encourages you. Be careful! It's a mobile target so it may fool you.

It is funny that you can not see the character who grabs the ball, only its hand. Score as many points as you can in order to have a high score – in order to beat your friend’s record. Basketball 3 is a game that can be played for free and you just can not seem to get enough of it. Unlike other basketball games online, this one is funny because of its characters and its graphics. It seems to be a game for kids, but it can be played as well by teenagers or adults – can be played by every single fan of basketball games.

Basketball 3 is one of those basketball games online that can be played for free and you just can not get enough of this. We're no so sure about the addiction it could create, but it can make you stay in front of the screen a while. Ambition is the key of this game – the ambition to beat other high scores and to have a higher score than your friend’s score. Let other people see what you can do!