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Horse is one of those basketball games free that can be played on the internet for as many times as you like and you will not get bored. Improve your skills and learn new tips. Play basketball games free with your friends and be the best. Try to beat your personal score and not only – try to beat your friend’s high score in order to be the best of your team.

This game is one of the most interesting basketball games free that can be played online. You can choose between ‘Practice shooting’, ‘Play vs the computer’ and ‘High score shootout’ section. If you are a beginner, you can select the first section ‘Practice shooting’. Choose your court and start practicing. All you have to do is shoot the ball – in order to do that, you have to move your mouse to place the ball, and right click to fix the target. Unlike other basketball games free, in this game you can choose from ‘call a trick shot’ a shot and practice it – a message on your screen is displayed whether if you fail or not. On the other hand, if you are a good player you can choose the ‘Play vs. the computer’. You can choose between beginner, medium and difficult level and start playing this game. Play basketball games as much as you can and it will not be difficult at all for you to beat your friend’s high score. After learning new tips from this game, you will feel like you want to play it over and over again and - why not – on a real field.

Also you can choose the ‘High score shootout’ to try to beat your personal score. Like other basketball games free, this game helps you to improve your skills and also tests your ability. Play Horse over and over again, and you will learn new tips and also you will find basketball more interesting – you will see that it is not only a game based on luck. Other basketball games free can help you practicing your skills, but this game helps you much more than that – it helps you improve your abilities.