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Backyard Basketball


If you want a game that remembers you about childhood, ‘Backyard basketball’ is the answer. It is one of those free basketball games online for children that can also be played by adults without getting bored. It is a game that can put a smile on every player’s face. Unlike other free basketball games, this one is full of colors and makes you want to play it again and again...

This game is easy to play. All you have to do is to click your left mouse button when you want to shoot or press space bar. It does not seem to be so difficult, doesn’t it? When your game begins, you have on your right side a bar which is called the ‘power bar’ – not all free basketball games have one. Play this kind of fun basketball games to improve your skills. To have a good shot, you must click the bar when it reaches the red color. If you press your mouse button when the power bar reaches the green color, your ball will not hit the hoop, so you will lose one life. You have 3 lives. When you finish all your balls from the hoop near you, the level is up. Complete as many levels as you can and you will notice there's always something different on your background. Like all free basketball games, when you complete one level, your next level is always more difficult. In ‘Backyard basketball’ you have some kind of a target; one ball moves horizontally and you have to press the space bar or to use your mouse to left click the ball when you think it's the best time to shoot – do the same with the ball that moves vertically, but be careful: as you advance, and complete more and more levels, your on screen target will move quicker and quicker.. This funny game manages to capture your attention more than you thought.

‘Backyard basketball’ tests your agility and can makes you grow addicted to all its colors and all those funny things that appear on your screen. The goal of this game is to score as many points as you can in order to improve your score and also to discover your background - it is not like playing other free basketball games for children.