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Flash Basketball Game


If you want to play basketball games online, ‘Flash basketball game’ is the best choice. Because of it’s graphics and character , you will definitely want to play it more than once. It seems to be a classic basketball game, but is much different from other games. If you are used to playing basketball games online, this one won't be difficult at all for you!

Even if you're or not such a basketball games fan, but you simply like to play basketball games online, this games will help you improve your basketball skills. It will definitely bring back some memories about your own high school basketball games, that you were used to playing back in the day! First, you have to choose your position: NBA 3, College 3 or Classic in order to shoot. After you position your player, right click on the ball and drag it to throw. When you release the mouse button, your player throws the ball. You have to select your game mode. Select between ‘How many in a Row?’ , ’20 Shots’ and ’30 Sec. Challenge’. Select whatever you want and try to have the best score. When you play basketball games online you usually don't have many options to choose from. This game seems to be made so that it can suit every player’s desire.

Upper left corner of your screen, you have displayed your time and score. If you choose the ’30 seconds high score’ you have to shot and score as fast as you can in order to beat other player’s high scores. ’20 shots high-score’ means that you have 20 shots and you have to score as many points as you can and ‘How many in a row’ means that you have to score as much as you can in a row in order to win this level.

Play basketball games online to improve your basketball skills. After trying it, you will feel like you want to play a real game, on a real field. You will become more confident. Try to beat your friend’s high scores and be the best at this Flash basketball game.