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Jordan Xtreme


Are you a fan of Michael Jordan? Try playing 3d basketball games online for free and you will feel like your favorite NBA player. Play this game and you will not get bored, you will see. Jordan Xtreme is one of those 3d basketball games that can be played by everyone, even if you are or not a fan of this sport.

On the bottom of your screen you have your timer – which means that your time is limited so you have to hurry! Like all 3d basketball games, in this game you have 3 rows of baskets and you can choose your own hoop to shoot at. Play many basketball games online free and improve your basketball abilities. Jordan Xtreme is one of those 3d basketball games which are complex games and can be played without even getting tired of it. Before you start playing it, you can see on your screen what each basket means. You have ‘Multi ball’, ‘Bonus Score’, ‘Bonus Time’, ‘4X Score’, ‘Bigger Baskets’ and ‘Slow Play’. If you choose to score in a ‘Multi Ball’ basket, you will get a lot of balls on the floor. ‘Bonus Score’ and ‘Bonus Time’ gives you extra time and extra score. ‘4X Score’ is the best! If you choose this basket, your score is multiplied by 4. ‘Bigger Baskets’ is for beginners - for those of you who can not score in normal baskets; it is not so funny like ‘Slow Play’ for example – this one makes the baskets move slowly.

Like many other 3d basketball games, this one is really funny. Michael Jordan is the main character and you can play with him for as long as you like - you will not get bored. Imagine that you are on a real basketball field with real hoops and real opponents – try to score as many points as you can in order to get to the next level and - why not? – to beat your friend’s high scores.