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Shooting Hoops


Are you a basketball games fan or you simply like playing this kind of games? Shooting Hoops is a basketball game that can help you to improve your skills and also entertain yourself. If you this is what you're looking for, fun basketball games is the right solution for you. From all the sports games, basketball games are the most addictive ones. Play fun basketball games and you will see that no other sports can be compared to this one.

If you are looking for basketball games to play, Shooting Hoops is the answer. It is an interesting game with interesting characters. All you have to do is score as many points as you can. Control your player with your ‘left’ and ‘right’arrow keys , in order to move your player horizontally and use the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys to move your player vertically. This game, as other fun basketball games has, besides its the role of having your entertained, another role and that is to teach you something new. Try to avoid getting out or losing the ball, even if you have 3 lives. Different from other fun basketball games is the fact that in this game you can move your player not only horizontally and vertically, but you can move it diagonally too – only by pressing 2 keys at once. It is an interesting game and you can choose between the stadium and street game – there is a little difference there: on the street, the opponents are more active and you can lose your ball faster. If you manage to get to the hoops, making your way through your opponents, you have 3 free shots. Each shot worths 3 points. Pay attention at some kind of a ‘power bar’ that you have on the leftside of your screen and press ‘X’ key when you think it is the best moment to shoot.

Play this kind of fun basketball games in order to entertain yourself and to improve your skills as well. Try to win the game to become more confident and you will have no problem next time you play basketball with your friends. Try to be the best!