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Basketball Shooting


Basketball shooting is a game that reminds us about college basketball games. It is an opportunity to practice your basketball skills and to try to compete with yourself and with your friends. All this can remind you about college basketball games because of its setting – it seems to be a gym. Nobody can say that he has not been, at least once, in a gym to play basketball games.

In order to begin the game , you have to push the start button. You will see a man and a target that moves. You have 30 seconds to score as many points as you can. Your score and your level are displayed on the top of the screen. The time limit makes you hurry because you have to score at least 6 balls to complete the level. When you complete a level, your next one will be more difficult – the target will move faster, so you have to be careful. If you are a basketball fan or you simply use to play college basketball games, this game should not be a problem for you. Imagine that you are in one of those college basketball games and you have to score in order to win the game. It is not a complicated game, it can be easily played by simply clicking your mouse right button and click on the slum boy.

Play this basketball game and always try to beat your high scores. Basketball Shooting is one of those online basketball games that will never get you bored. The feeling of taking part to one of college basketball games is also because of the graphics and because of the basketball field and gym that is like in the real world. Try to improve your basketball abilities. After beating your own high scores you will feel more confident and you will wish to play with your friends and show them the new tips that you have learned. Be a good slum boy! Practice as long as you can and when you will be on a real basketball field playing a real game, you will not regret.