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Bobblehead Basketball


Bobblehead basketball is one of the coolest basketball games for free that can be played on the internet. It is a funny game because you can combine a lot of options in different ways in order to make your character’s profile. If you are looking for more basketball games free to play, this one can really help you practice your basketball skills

Before you start playing this game, you have to create your character’s profile. Choose if you want your player to have chest or not, choose your player’s skin, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, shirts, shoes and shorts. It is a funny game, different from other basketball games free. If you score 10 hoops, you will earn a ticket to the next level. The more hoops you score, the higher your bonus will be. The purpose is to try to make even more hoops to rack up all the points. You have 1 minute to score as much as you can – your time elapsed and time remaining is displayed on the screen. Also your throws, throws completed, baskets and accuracy are counted in the left corner of the screen. Unlike other basketball games free, this game represents a challenge for everybody. It is a funny game because of it’s characters that encourage you to score as much as you can.

If you are looking for basketball games for free, Bobblehead basketball is the best choice. It can help you improve your basketball skills – can help you practice your skills. Different from other basketball games free, this game will never get boring. Try to unlock as many levels as you can in order to have more fun. This game can help you understand better basketball rules.

After you get familiar with the game, you will see that it's not as difficult to play as it seems. It can be seen as a challenge for many of you – try finding ways so you won't lose this challenge, plus , find a way to beat your friend’s high score. Playing all those basketball games free on the internet can help you improve your skills and can make you want to play on a real stadium.