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Hard Court


Different from all basketball games, Hard Court is a game that can be played in 2 ways: Arcade Mode and Quick Mode. All basketball games can help you practice your skills, but this game can help you improve your skills and that is more important.

You start the game by creating your player’s profile. Enter your name and modify the player as you like in order to start the game. You are on the basketball field with another player. Like in all basketball games, you have your score displayed on the blackboard behind. You have 3 minutes to score as many points as you can. Move your player using the ‘A’and ‘D’ key in order to move your player horizontally and the ‘W’ and ‘S’ key to move it vertically – use your space bar to shoot. On the bottom line you can see your player’s name, the other player’s name and stamina left. Like many other basketball games for kids this game is really funny; watch out because you might be put down by the other player and then you will have to wait until your stamina is complete.

If you choose the Quick Mode, you can choose between ‘1 player’ and ‘2 players’. Besides all basketball games, this one can be played by 2 players. Bring your friends and play Hard Court - you will never get bored. If you choose the ‘2 player’ mode you control your 'player 1' with the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys on the horizontally and ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys on the vertically; player 2 can be controlled by using the arrow keys. Another funny thing is that in this game you can hit the other player only by pressing the space bar. The player who lies on the floor has to wait until his stamina is complete and only after that he can play again.

You can play all basketball games found on the internet, but no other game can be compared to this. If you need to do something else, you can easily press the ‘P’ key and pause the game. Improve your basketball skills and show your friends how good you are in playing basketball games.