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Batman I Love Basketball


This is a funny game that can be played by all kind of people from children to adults. It can be easily found if you type Batman basketball game on the internet. ‘Batman I love basketball’ is one of those basketball games free that can put a smile on everyone’s face. Unlike other basketball games, this one has excellent graphics and you can play as long as you want – you will never get bored. Searching on the internet for Batman basketball games is the easiest way to find and play this game.

In order to throw the ball in to the basket, you have to move your character with your mouse. You have to aim at the arrow that is displayed near the basket – for every throw you get scores. If you miss to throw the ball into the basket - you lose a life. You have to reach the target before all your lives get over and move on to next levels. You can play it over and over again and you will never get bored. This kind of games can help you improve your basketball skills and makes you feel like you want to play real basketball. All you have to do is right click your character with your mouse in order to aim and increase the power – you have to release the mouse button in order to throw the ball. If you like to play basketball games online for free, you only have to type basketball games.

Your score and your limited time is displayed on the screen. Try not to miss because you have not so much life to waste. Score as much as you can to beat your high score and your friends' high scores as well. The Batman basketball game is a game that can be played by everyone without getting bored. It is an easy game that can be played not only by children, but also by adults.