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Basket Blast


Did you search for fun basketball games? ‘Basketball blast’ is a game that gives you the chance to practice your basketball skills. As the name says – it is a blast for those of you who want to improve their skills. This game can be competitive and can also be a game that teaches you basic skills – one of those fun basketball games that can be played by everyone who likes those free online basketball games.

First of all, you have to enter your name – it will be displayed on your screen along with your high score. Now you can ‘Begin’ your game. If you want to play an endless game you can choose the ‘Free play’ section and play as long as you want – your shots and your hoops are displayed at the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, if you want to play a competitive game you can choose ‘2 minutes’ section where you do not have your shots counted but your time – 2 minutes- and your hoops.

Score as much as you can – this is the motto of all fun basketball games. In order to play this game you should learn some tips. For example if you want to score many hoops, you have to move faster and to left click on the ball and fix the target. The ball will follow your direction. The hoop starts to move every time you score. The funny thing - that you can not find in other fun basketball games - is that you can choose what to play depending on your mood. This can be a game for bored people – if you are bored but still want to play something you can play ‘free game’; but if you are a dynamic person and you want to beat other people’s high scores, ‘2 minutes’ is the key.

Also, another good thing is that you can see other high scores. You can see high scores which are one month, one week or one day ago old. The highest score has the gold medal. It may seem to you that it's just a simple game, but in fact it is one of those fun basketball games that everyone can enjoy, so you cannot possibly grow bored of it, even if you are not in the perfect mood.