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Dance Dunk Off


Are you tired of all those classic online basketball games? This game really entertains you, never letting you get bored, not even for a second! It is different from other online basketball games because of it’s characters and also because of it’s graphics.

It's not so difficult as it first might seem, when you play this game. The keys are Z, X, C, V and B – these are all dance moves. In this game you have 2 stages. The first stage is dancing – in order to get points. Use the keys to make your character dance – use the V button to have a ‘Super Jump’ and the Bonus Dunk Points. After this, you have to choose your teammate who takes the ball to the second stage of the game. The second stage is named ‘Dunking’. Your keys are A, S and D. Use these keys to perform special moves or combine the moves for extra points. You will not find this kind of rules in any other online basketball games or in any other basketball games for kids over the internet. You have to slam dunk the ball and switch places for Round 2 if you scored more than 10.000 points. Before you begin your game you can choose your favorite character. You choose your dancer and then you have to choose your dunker.

All you have to do is dance! Follow the colors from the screen and try to score as much as you can in that limited time. If you are used to playing online basketball games, this game won't be a problem for you – it should be just a super easy way to entertain yourself. Practice your dance skills by following the right steps in order to get the extra points. If you do not get over 10.000 points your game is over.

It is more fun than other online basketball games because you can choose your own character and you can decide what will your player dance. Briefly, all you have to do is to dance in order to get points and win – it is not so difficult, isn’t it?