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Quick Shot


This game is a challenge for all basketball lovers. Quick Shot is a game that makes you feel like you are playing one of those high school basketball games. It is not a classic game or a game based on luck. You have to know some rules and try to improve your skills. Real life high school basketball games were more difficult to play than this kind of games which can be played online.

Quick Shot is a game in which speed is the key – as its name says. You have a well defined time of 30 seconds and you have to score 10 points in each round in order to get to the next round. The first level does not seem to be so difficult. Unlike other high school basketball games, this game has no characters. You control the ball with your mouse. You have to click on the ball and move it with your mouse horizontally. When you think it's the best time to shoot, click again. The point is to move your mouse on the hoop. When the pointer is on the basket you can release your mouse button. Each shot worths 2 points. It is not difficult to score 10 points in 30 seconds, or at least it is not difficult in the first level.

Different from other high school basketball games, this game tests your agility and your reaction times. When you complete the first level and you pass to the next one, you will see that it will be more difficult to score. If you get to the second level, you will see that the hoop is moving so you have to be careful. You have your ‘timer’, ‘round’, your ‘score’ and ‘total score’ displayed on the top of the screen. Play as many basketball games online as you can in order to improve your basketball skills.

Quick Shot is a basketball game that can be a challenge for all basketball lovers. After playing this game, you will be able to play basketball games without any problem – you can remember about those times when you used to participate to high school basketball games.