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Pacman Basketball


Pacman Basketball is a sport game that can be played by everyone. None of those basketball games online for free can not be compared to this. Besides its graphics and its funny characters, that remind you of those famous Japanese characters, this game can teach you a lot of basic rules. All basketball games online for free can make you want to play them over and over again, but this game will actually get you addicted.

Different from other basketball games online for free this one is really interesting and it is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to collect as many balls as you can in order to have a higher score. You begin your game in some kind of a park where there are a lot of balls that must be collected. You have a limited time, so try to hurry up! Pick free and straight roads – you know that it is said that straight roads are shorter, well it is true. Try to collect as many balls as you can. You have no limited balls and no hoops to score.

All basketball games online for free have at least one hoop to be scored or at least an opponent that prevents you from scoring. In this game, the only enemy is time. It is a french game so it would not be difficult for you to manage the main menu. If you take a look in the park, you see some kind of stairs both on the left and on the right side. Control your player with your arrow keys and place him on the left stairs for example – you will see him coming out from the right stairs; it is some kind of a shortcut in order to help you to collect more balls. In all online basketball games for free there's always something that you can learn for improving your skills.

Play basketball games online for free and you will not get bored at all. You will become more confident and you will get to practice your abilities. It is a funny game with funny characters that can put a smile upon your face.