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Three Point Shootout


Are you looking for basketball games to play? Do you to try want something new that makes you feel just like a real basketball player? Three point shootout is a sports game that is easy to play. Whenever you look for basketball games to play, pick this game and you will see that it's not just about improving your skills, but it's about gaining more experience, too.

If you were looking for basketball games to play this game is perfect for you. It is a game for all basketball lovers and also for beginners. All you have to do is to score. It does not seem to be difficult at all. You have 5 positions and 5 balls. You have to score from 5 different positions. The funny thing about at this game is the fact that even if you do not score any points, you can still get to the next level. You have 150 seconds for one level. Your ‘timer’, ‘score’ and ‘round’ are displayed on top of your screen. If you look for other basketball games to play, you can see that none of the other basketball games give you this chance to get to the next level if you do not score at all. Playing this game makes you feel as if you are playing live basketball games . From all your 5 balls, the last one worths the most. If you score with that ball, you get extra points. In order to have a nice shot, you must center the ball and pay attention at that kind of a ‘Power Bar’ on the right side of the screen. After the 3th round, if you do not score at all, the game is over.

Round 4 is for registered users, so you can play it only if you register. Try to score as many points as you can in order to accede the round 4, but do not forget to register first. Take a look at other basketball games to play and you will not find any other game more interesting than this one.