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Do you want to play a game that will never get you bored? A game that requires concentration and much more, a game which challenges you to test skills? Basketball 2 is the answer. No other online basketball games can be compared to this. It is different from other online basketball games because of its locked levels that makes you want to play more in order to unlock the next level.

If you want to play this game, you only have to click the ball, to select it and after that, you have to click it again to shoot. You have to shoot the balls into the right buckets. Right buckets mean that you have to shoot the red ball in the red bucket – respect the color and you will get more points. A level is completed once you've shot all the balls in the right buckets. Complete one level in order to unlock the next one. After you pass one level you have your high score, from that specific level, displayed on the score table. More levels completed means more difficult levels unlocked. Different from other online basketball games is the fact that you have those ‘Premium levels’ that you can buy, only by clicking on the blue bar. ‘Premium levels’ are more challenging and more exciting then the normal levels.

Another new thing is the fact that you can upgrade your levels. Win as many points as you can and beat your own high scores and at the same time, your friend’s high scores. This game, despite of its easy game controls, it's very complex. Unlike other online basketball games, this one really keeps your attention fixed on your computer screen for hours. You need to focus on the ball in order to shoot it in the right basket. While you play Basketball2, you can see your level and your score on the right corner of the screen. In the right bottom corner you have the Menu where you can select another level from the ones which are unlocked and from where you can also restart the current level.

Play other online basketball games or play basketball games online and you will see how fast you can improve your basketball skills.