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Basketball Game


All basketball fans want to play free online basketball games. This game is the perfect one for those of you who want to improve their basic basketball skills. Play basketball games as long as you want and you will never get bored. If you are used to play free online basketball games this game should not be a problem for you.

Depending on your basketball level of skills, you can choose between a beginner game – where you have no limit time, normal game – 250 seconds and expert – where you have 150 seconds. For normal and expert level you have to score as much as you can within time limit. Different from other free online basketball games, your hoops are moving all the time so you have to be very careful. More missing shots means more time wasted. The beginner level is most recommended for those of you who do not usually play free online basketball games. There is no time limit ,so you can practice your basketball skills as long as you want in order to improve your ability and win the expert level. This game is not very hard to play – you move the ball with your mouse and when you fix the target right click with your mouse in order to score.

It does not matter if you are or not a basketball fan in order to win this game – all that matters are your skills and your agility. Expert level is the most difficult one. You have 150 seconds and you have to score as much as you can – but let's face it: it is not as simple as it seems. 150 seconds of expert level equal 10 seconds of playing this game. It is a real challenge.

Even if you are used to spend a lot of time playing free online basketball games, this game is still a challenge. Try to score as many points as you can in order to beat your friend’s high score. After playing this Basketball game, the next time you will play real basketball games with your friends, they would not seem difficult at all.