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Wacky Ten Pin


Now it is time to play a classic game of bowling… if you didn’t know the classic game of bowling is also called 10 pins because you have 10 pins that you have to tip over. So, if you are ready to play some 10 pin bowling games I recommend you try Wacky Ten Pin… and even if it sounds strange and completely unlike a bowling game you should trust me and you will see that not a single bit modified.

The rules are the same like when playing the real sport and not even a single special effect is added so you can enjoy some realistic10 pin bowling games. You will compete against another player – the computer and play a set of several throws. Whoever managed to tip the most pins is the winner. Not much difference from the real game…

Also when it comes to the way you play Wacky Ten Pin you will soon realize that is quite hard to throw a perfect bowl... exactly like playing bowling on a real bowling alley – it is not easy to score the maximum number of points. These 10 pin bowling games are usually played using the mouse; all that you have to do is to position the ball and then by left-clicking set the power and angle of the shot.

Many of you will find these online bowling games for free very entertaining and useful because they help you develop your skills and also provide a really enjoyable way to spend your free time. It can also be a perfect way to spend some time with friends playing a challenging game of bowling. You will see how cool a game that you enjoy can be and also how nice is to find a game that you like.

So, what are you still waiting around? Press the ‘’play game’’ button and let the fun begin! Take your friends and see how much fun can be playing these 10 pin bowling games and especially Wacky Ten Pin!