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Tom And Jerry Bowling


Are you ready to meet once more your dear cartoon heroes? It is only by playing these Tom and Jerry bowling games that you will have the opportunity to see these funny characters in another kind of situations than the ones you got used to along time.

Set in the same house, with the same atmosphere, you will help Tom and Jerry to perform once again their dance… you will play along and witness a small part of their life. It is high time for you to play bowling with your favorite cartoon characters from childhood! Because I believe that everybody was and still is a fan of the two most funny cartoon characters that have ever filled your TV screens.

That is why you will surely love these Tom and Jerry bowling games! You will not only witness their adventures, but help at creating new and interesting ones. It is time for all of your to play some online bowling games!

Tom and Jerry bowling games colorful, just like you’ve expected and exactly like the cartoons… they are quite easy to play because the interesting thing in the fact that they are not made for you to feel like playing a challenging game, but for your own entertainment and relaxation. You will not compete against anybody; you will only have fun together with Tom and Jerry…

This game is not that different from the classic games of bowling because the rules are quite the same. You will have to strike down all the bawling pieces in one or two strikes. You can do this by following the movements of the arrow from below the pieces. Click once to set the direction and the power and then release. You will also see Jerry cheering and encouraging Tom while he plays… they are friends now! 

You will have lots of fun playing Tom and Jerry bowling games; you will see that you don’t need a challenging game played on levels and against other players in order to have some good time!