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Bowling Defense


This kind of bowling games for free can be played only with your mouse. You will see that, while playing, creeps and other nasty things are invading the alley of bowling. Use your bowling skills to complete all ten levels and stop the invasion.

When you have decided to start the game you will see two windows. On the left one you will play the game and on the right one there will be your extra THINGS. Also on the right window you can see the level you are at, your score and your remaining lives. You will start the game with 3 lives and 6 balls to defend you. For each monster that you didn’t kill with the bowling ball and the creature managed to reach to the line you will lose one defending ball. When 6 monsters manage to reach to that line you will lose one life. However if you manage to kill all the monsters to complete the level you will have to beat a boss. For the first level the boss will be Larry Bird, the NBA superstar. All you have to do is to hit Larry with 5 balls to beat him. After that you will see the score for that level. For this type of bowling games for free with your score points for each round you can buy some extra things like: “A Lunch Wave”,” Giant ball” or a „Gunfire”, and they can be used for the next level. Also you can buy a “”Bigger Ball” or more power for your ball, each one with a different price. If you are good at this kind of bowling games for free your second boss for the second level is Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, who is faster than Larry. The 3’rd boss for the 3’rd level is Marlin Mason, who is faster than Bruce Lee.

In this type of bowling games for free you can save your highest score and try to beat that another time. Bowling Defense is a free bowling game and you will find it very interactive and fun.