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Pin Pals


What do you thing about playing some online bowling games for kids? Don’t think that if you stopped considering yourself a child this game is not suitable for you… it surely is! If you like to play bowling games you will find this one to be one of the few where you will have the opportunity to compete against another player!

First, before beginning the actual game, you have to pick your opponent from a number of kids that have this amazing sport as a hobby. Move your mouse over their pictures to get acquainted with them and make an idea about their personality and the way they like to play.

After you chose your opponent it is time to start playing these online bowling games for kids! Pin Pals is a bowling game which you will find extremely challenging because you will be competing against some kids of all ages who are quite good at what they do. So, don’t you be disappointed if you loose your first rounds. The whole point is for you to become an expert and maybe, just maybe think about start bowling for real. 

These online bowling games for kids are made for people to enjoy this sport and start to love it… to develop their skills and learn how to accept defeat and victory… Usually these games are quite the same when it comes to their rules and the way you play. So, almost all of them, like this one, are being played using the mouse – just move the mouse right and left to position the ball and click to set the direction; when you release you will also send the ball down the bowling alley. 

You will play in turns and have 10 tries each, with two chances to strike down all the bowling pieces. In the end, the one who has the higher score will be declared the winner! So, isn’t this all that you could ever ask from online bowling games for kids? I believe that it is worth playing at least some rounds of Pin Pals and you will automatically fall in love with it!