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Fish Bowling


For this Fish Bowling game there is an underwater bowling rolling track with some pins and you will have to take down as many pins as you can. To play this type of ten pin bowling games you will use only mouse buttons. Move your mouse to the left or to the right to select your ball direction and then click the left button to choose the speed of your ball by moving your mouse upper as you can. While your ball rolls down on the rolling track you can move your mouse along the track to put some spinning power on your ball and to direct the ball to the pins wherever you want.

For this type of ten pin bowling games your score will be displayed in some air bubbles to the left and to the right of the underwater castle. On the left part of the playing window the speed of your ball will be displayed. As for every bowling game you will have 10 rounds to make a higher score. Try to knock down all the pins with one throw, making a strike or with two throws to make a spare. With as many strikes and spares as you can you will manage to gather a higher score and become a better bowler. Don’t be afraid if you won’t have a good score at the beginning, because you need to learn first some game tricks and to become more familiar with this kind of ten pin bowling games. After playing some extra rounds you will definitely be able to knock down all of the pins.

Try this kind of ten pin bowling games to find out your bowling player level. Try to improve your bowling skills by playing this game whenever you like. You can play this bowling game for free on our site with your friends and try to make a competition to see who the best at this game is. Doing that, your friends can fall in love with this specific game because it is fun and easy to be played.