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Monkey Bowling


You can play these kinds of pin bowling games only by using your keyboard. You will find this game really amusing because your bowling ball is a roller monkey. There is a little difference between this kind of pin bowling games and the classic one, because you have only 5 rounds to play and to make your highest score.

Use the right and left arrow keys to position your ball on the bowling rolling track, and then hit the spacebar to throw the ball. You will have to hit again the spacebar to set your ball direction, and with the last hit of your spacebar key you will set the speed of the ball. The speed should be set in a way you consider it might be the best to knock down all your pins. After that you will have to use your again the left or right arrow key, this time to set the spinning of your ball. Finally, to throw your ball you need to hit again the spacebar key. To become a better player at this game here are some hints for this kind of pin bowling games. Try to string strikes or spares together to max out your score! And don’t forget to use your spin to pick up some awesome tricky splits. Your score will be displayed on the left side of the widow and it only at the end of the game. Until then you won’t know your score for sure.

This pin bowling game has an interesting design because you are playing bowling in space, and your rolling track is a highway to a space ship. Practicing more and more bowling by playing this pin bowling game you will be able to know where to but a spin on the ball and what is the right speed to have a strike.

Monkey Bowling is one of many ten pin bowling games that exist, but is the simplest of all. Try more pin bowling games and you will see the difference between this one and the others.