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Lawn Bowling


If you are sick and tired of playing the same bawling games over and over again it is time to try some new bowling games… The games that we prepared for you are quite different from the usual classic games that you may have played. Lawn Bowling may seam strange for those who haven’t played this typed of game before.

When you say ‘’bowling games’’ the first thing that comes in your mind is the classic game where you throw a ball down a bowling alley, towards some pins trying to collapse them. This time you will play some new bowling games, new from all points of view – in terms of the rules and look of the game.

So, prepare yourself to play some Lawn Bowling! First, before starting the game you need to choose if you want to play in single player mode or two players. These buttons are placed in the bottom left side and some may not see them. You cannot start the game if you haven’t chosen the playing mode.

The best thing about these new bowling games is the fact that you will play on levels and each level is different from the other, so if you want to really play the whole game you need to download it and you will experience what it can offer. So, you need to download bowling games in order to play all the levels, otherwise they are locked.

Also the rules are different and they need to be mentioned, so… the game goes like this: you will play against another opponent (the computer), the first will throw a small white ball that needs to go further than the dotted line and afterwards you will both throw two sets of balls; the one who lands his ball nearer to the white one is declared a winner.

It is not that hard as it sounds and you will get used to it after some minutes. After some time it is quite catchy, especially if you download it and unlock all the levels and all the characters. Think that you could play these new bowling games with all of your friends whenever you want!