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League Bowling


This game has a simply and a funny design, and also is very easy to be played. You can choose either to play by yourself either to play with your friends because this type of free bowling games online is a multiplayer game. When you start the game you can choose up to 4 players. If you decided to play on your own all you have to do is to follow the steps described below.

First, select one player for this type of free bowling games online and a funny guy will appear who tells you: “Hey let’s bowl!”. You will have two windows opened. On the left side it will be your player and the bowling rolling track. On the right side of the window you will have the actions keys for this game. You need to move your player with your keyboard arrows to the left or to the right, and then by pressing the “A” button you will select the direction of your ball. When you decided where your ball will go you need to press again the “A” key to select the power of the ball. Be careful because you have only 10 seconds to do all this actions. As it was already specified above, this kind of free bowling games online can be played also against your friends. For the two players’ game, the window is separated in two sections. The left one is for the 1’st player and the right one is for the 2’nd player. The control buttons for the 1’st player are: „D” and „G” for all movements and „A” button for the action ball. For the 2’nd player the control buttons are the arrows keys and the Shift key for the action ball. The same rules apply also for the 3 or the 4 players’ game.

You will find this type of free bowling games online funnier because when the game is over your players will appear on a podium, each one with their final score for the game. You can try this bowling game free every time you want to play with your friends or to beat your latest score.