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Halloween Bowlling


When it comes to the creepiest holiday from all the year round I am sure that most of you will say it is Halloween! So, to give you all that you can enjoy about this holyday we made a bowling game that has as playing objects Halloween stuff! You will have lots of fun while you play bowling games where you will have to throw pumpkins towards a group of ghosts!

The only difference between Halloween Bowlling and other online bowling games is the fact that it is much more animated… This is a very big plus for the game because this way it is more entertaining and you will have much more fun that playing a classic game of bowling. When you play bowling games that have Halloween characteristics you will experience a part of one of your favorite holiday all year round.

This is your only chance to play bowling games by throwing big orange pumpkins towards some ghost that impersonate the bowling pieces. The rest as just the same when playing a classic game of bowling! The rules and the manner of playing also!

The aim of Halloween Bowlling is to score as many points as you can in the end. You will play 10 rounds; each round offers you two chances to strike down all the ghosts. In order to perform a strike you need to use the mouse and only two clicks… easy… So, click once to set the power you need for striking and then once more to determine the direction. For a perfect strike from the first try you need to give the pumpkin the maximum speed and a center direction!

As you realized, it is quite easy to play bowling games, but eventually, everything depends on you! You will see that after some rounds you will start playing better and better and in the end you can consider yourself a professional in these kinds of sport games.