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Turkey Bowlling


Are you ready for what you will experience next? I will spend some time preparing you for what you are going to play in some minutes… so… for starters you need to know that you will play a Christmas bowling game like you have never played before!

When you think of Christmas you automatically think about Santa and decorated trees, presents and Jesus… ok…so… let all of that aside… keep Santa, add some booze and some cigarettes and you will definitely have a quite drunk Santa that is looking for trouble. The recipe for one of the funniest game you have ever played!

Don’t you let yourself be fooled by the pure name of the game - Turkey Bowlling – the thing that you need to keep in mind is that this is not from the category of online bowling games for kids! It will be a shame that small children see Santa – their hero all drunk and playing bowling with turkeys instead if bowling pieces!

Aside from all the scenes that are not quite Christmassy, but extremely funny, this Christmas bowling game is like any other bowling game… only you will not stop from laughing in the first 10 minutes! So, if you are looking to have some fun by yourself or with your friends I say you play some rounds of Turkey Bowlling and you will have the best time of your life!

The rules are the same and even if you haven’t played bowling not once in your life I am sure that you can easily guess them… you have to strike as many bowling pieces as you can in order to score a greater number of points. You can use the mouse to play this Christmas bowling game; you just need to move the mouse to make Santa walk around the bowling alley and click once to set the power and again to point the direction. Afterwards Santa will throw the ball as well as he can considering his drunken condition.

So, everything that I can say is for you to enjoy this Christmas bowling game all year round…it will bring lots of smiles and laughs on your lips and set you in the best mood!