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Super Soccer


In these types of free soccer games you will need to score as many goals as you can form the 11 mark. You will be a free kicker and you will need to beat your opponent by getting the right combinations of your keys.

You will play these types of free soccer games only with your mouse. After you have pressed the start button from the starting page of the game, you will be in front of your ball, and your opponent is the goalkeeper. You will see that you have 4 circles, each one with a different objective. In your first circle it will be an indicator. That will guide your ball in the direction that you want to send your ball. click on that first circle to select your ball direction. For your second circle you will have to select the pitch of your ball. Also click on that circle when you have decided where you want to send your ball.

In your third circle you will have your swerve. By clicking at the right time that circle it can give your ball a spin, and by doing that your ball will curve when it rolls down to your opponent. This trick will put your opponent goalkeeper in a difficult position. And the last one, the fourth circle is the power circle. Choose the correct speed of your ball to send it directly into the net.

In this free soccer game you will score when you correctly combine all your four circles. Try to do that as much as you can, but do them in a raw to obtain the highest score. Then you can submit your score on a worldwide list to prove your friends who’s the best at those free kicks.

If you practice Super Soccer you will see that it will be very easy to score at any time you want on these types of free soccer games. There are other types of free online soccer games on our site. You can play them whenever you would like to improve your skills at free kick penalties.