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Rugger Bugger


If you are still hoping to watch free soccer games on television and feel like being on the field that means you haven’t played any of our online football games yet. You have to start trying these soccer shooting games because you will surely find at least one that suits your personality and you enjoy playing… 

Usually these games are almost the same as when you watch free soccer games and if you have been used to this sport you surely know the rules! But this time, this football game is not only about the game but also about what happens on the field during a match, so, now you will be the naked man that jumped the fence and started running on the field, among the players!

What you have to do is help the man avoid the players by controlling him moving the mouse up and down. When you are caught the game ends, so, this is also a good opportunity to actually take part in the game, not as a player buy making the rest laugh. It is also as funny as when you watch free soccer games someone appears from the crowds and mobilize each and every player.