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Mini Soccer


When you are feeling in the mood for playing some of the most challenging European soccer games you have to prepare yourself for some rounds of Mini Soccer. This game is quite realistic because you will actually play with the whole team. At the beginning you will be put to choose the team you want to play with and then you all will get out on the field. 

Using your arrow keys you can control the players and make them run on the field. You have to be careful that at these European soccer games where you play using the whole team you need to use more than one player at a time so think about who is better to go after the ball from the whole team. When you are at the ball you have to run towards the opponent’s gate and try to score.

When you play free penalty kick games like Mini Soccer you can shoot using the ‘’Z’’ and ‘’X’’ buttons and also pass from one player to another. These European soccer games are very realistic when it comes to replicating the real sport. You may actually feel the enthusiasm of the crowds when scoring. Enjoy!