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Fans of football usually play free penalty kick games because it is their favorite sport and makes their time pass much more quickly than doing anything else. But these goal shooting soccer games are also good for those who don’t enjoy watching this sport and don’t practice it in reality. 

If you want to play free penalty kick games that are considered to be good and complex you have to try Penalty. This is a very challenging game where you will compete against another team and you will take turns in shooting at the gate. You will be the first one and in order to shoot you have to use the mouse. Just follow the arrow and click when it indicates the desired direction and then again to determinate the angle and spin.

The aim of the game is to try and score as many goals as you can and stop the opponent’s balls by guarding your gate when your turn comes. Now that you know how to play free penalty kick games even if it is only theoretically you can start and play for real a round and see how quick you are!