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When you are feeling bored you mostly need a little bit of action. And if the action is well combined with the perfect dose of fun the recipe is perfect and you will surely have a great time. That is why you should try some extraordinary games. One of these games is this Garfield soccer game! Did you miss the funny lazy orange cat? If you did you will enjoy its funny way of being playing these mini soccer games online.

This time Garfield is in a trip around the world! What you will have to do in this game to help the cat see the most important sites of a town is help him shoot the ball over the tourist sites and this way you will advance. This Garfield soccer game also gives you the occasion to remember which the world’s most important sites are!

Using the mouse you can set the angle of the shot and if you look in the left corner of the window you will also see a power bar which you can use in your advantage – click for performing the shot when the bar indicates the power you want. You will see that this Garfield soccer game will bring you smiles, joy and make you forget about all your worries!