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Cocopena is a game that alongside with the opportunity to play a nice sport and the most popular in the world they will bring the smile on your face no matter if you win or loose. These Australian soccer games are cool games that are suited also for adults and children at the same time.

The animals that will impersonate you when you play Australian soccer games are funny and their reaction will surely make you smile. These UEFA soccer games are also very easy to play – just use your mouse and in two clicks you can perform one of your best shots!

If you look carefully you will see that in the left side of the screen you have a button, click on that button when the arrow indicates the direction you want and release it when the power bar from the left is as you need it to be. In that moment the monkey will perform the shot. The best thing about these Australian soccer games is the fact that the reactions of the players are that funny they will make you feel better even if you don’t make the shot.