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Freekick 2


Now you have the opportunity to become a pro kicker by playing those types of soccer games online.

You will play this type of soccer game online with your free kicker and your goalkeeper. Try to score and also to save as many balls as you can to beat the computer and to win the games.

You will play these types of soccer games online with your mouse. Start the game by clicking the start button. You can practice before you will play against your opponent. You can see your soccer ball and your opponent gateway. First of all, you will have to aim where the ball will hit the net by clicking with your green arrow. This ball will be kicked with no spin. After you have clicked you can see that on your ball a red dot has appeared. That red dot can give your ball a spin by doing the following. Click a location on the ball to add spin and choose where the ball will go. After you have done these two things, you can see around your ball a speed meter. You will need to watch the power gauge and click to choose your ball speed. Well done! If you did those three steps correctly you scored.

At those types of soccer games online, your goalkeeper will be controlled with your mouse. Move your mouse to the left or to the right to move your goalkeeper, and when the ball gets near press the left click button to jump for the ball.

In this soccer game online after you have won a round you can upgrade a skill. Choose to improve your power or your spin or even your goalie, by making him faster on his feet. You can also see your current level for each skill anytime you want.

Freekick is a simple way to improve your free kicks. You can also choose if you want another type of soccer games online to become a pro free kicker. There are another online soccer games on our site that can get your attention, because they are funny and easy to be played.