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King Of Defenders 1


Many World Cup penalty games that you can find online are simple games that concentrate only on you performing the shot. Well… this time it is time for you to play a game that has a story behind it. You are a famous football player and are in the finals of the World Cup… what are you going to do to lead your team on the way to victory?

Well… you will have specific instructions about what you have to do during the game. These World Cup penalty games give you the opportunity to make of your team a winning one!

The rules of King of Defenders 1 are quite a complicated game when it comes to its rules and the way you play it. You only have to use the mouse and this makes this game easier, giving you the impressure you watch free soccer games on television. What you have to do is follow the ball and in a second click on it and send it towards the gate. You really have to be very quick because once the ball passed you missed your chance. This makes these World Cup penalty games very challenging!