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Kanga Kick


Do you like freekick soccer games? If you are the kind of person that usually watches these kind of games at the television and likes it so muck that he dreams at night about having the opportunity to throw at least once the oval ball towards the gate... Well… now it’s your chance to do it! Only by playing Kanga Kick online you will be amongst the few people to enjoy what they love in the comfort of their house.

I say that this is a chance that you cannot refuse. You will see that the choice you made is the right one and will even recommend this game to your friends. The nicest part about these freekick soccer games is the fact that it is not necessarily only for passionate fans of this amazing sport, but also for everyone who is looking for a lot of fun and a little bit of challenge.

This is between the few 3D soccer games that you can play using only the mouse. You can set everything using the mouse… the type of kick, speed and direction of the kick. Isn’t it wonderful to play a game standing comfortable in front of your computer and actually feeling the atmosphere of a football stadium. You can even hear the crowds encouraging you and cheering at your every goal!

The aim of Kanga Kick is, as you might know, scoring as many goals as you can in a certain given time or number of throws. When playing these freekick soccer games you need to throw the ball exactly between the marked lines in order to receive a point. If you miss three goals in a row you will automatically loose! You will also see that after some good throws you the distance between you and the target will increase… that means you advanced to a higher level.

Everything that you are doing when playing these freekick soccer games will help you develop and improve your skills. You will become better and better at this sport day by day… in no time you will be quite an expert!