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Doof Ball


I bet that you love playing indoors free kick soccer games! Who doesn’t? Well… this time we haven’t prepared for you the kind of game you play on a football field… it is time for you to move indoors, so, we scattered the internet for a game that will surely fit your personality. It is the one and only Doof Ball – a table soccer game that brings to its players only fun and good time.

So, prepare yourself to play a very active game where you need to be attentive all the time. These free kick soccer games are so popular because they resemble so much the real sport. The table looks exactly like a live one, only seen from the top. This is a really good thing as you will have a good perspective on the entire table and you will see clearly the moves of your opponent. 

When you play 3D soccer games like Doof Ball there is always the chance that you will become addicted to this game and love it so much that you may desire a real foosball table. This is a very good thing because you also need to practice some sports in your life, not just online. Remember! Sports are good for your health – any kind of action…

Like when playing free kick soccer games in reality, the aim of Doof Ball is very simple and logic – you have to score as many goals as you can, preferably more than your opponent, in order to win. And at the same time stop the other team from scoring. So, you will have a double mission this time – defend and attack!

When it comes to the controls used in playing Doof Ball things have been made so you can feel comfortable when playing. That is why you only need to use three keys… the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrow for moving the rows of players and the space bar to turbo kick the ball. This is how you play these free kick soccer games with best results! Have fun!