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3d Superball


Are you in the mood to play 3D soccer games? Here comes a quite interesting game which you will surely say that is not like other 3D soccer games that you have ever played on the internet or in reality. It is time for you to meet 3d Superball – a game that is so different from the usual freekick soccer games because it has no players. There will be only you and the ball…

It is very easy to play 3D soccer games like this one because you don’t really need to know the rules of the real game. As you know, soccer is quite a hard game to play when it comes to its rules… there are a lot of players and they all have a predefined purpose during the game and a certain place in the filed… you need to work as a team and have extremely good skills. But here, when you play 3D soccer games you don’t even need to know the basic rules. It will be only you…your skills and the ball!

You will also be very surprised when you will start playing a soccer game and observe that there is no soccer field around… now you will give me justice… it is different in everything that resembles soccer, nut still a very good soccer game.

The aim of the game is to bounce a soccer ball against a wall… this sounds simple, but you haven’t heard yet that you need to hit the wall in a certain area as to get points. Try to throw the ball higher to hit the white square because for each good goal you will get one point. You will also see some bubbles appearing from time to time on the screen…click on them for some extra points.

As you might have guessed, when you usually play 3D soccer games you use some key combinations… well… not this time! You only have to use the mouse… click on the ball to make it bounce towards the wall and so on until the end! Sounds fun… try some rounds and have some fun!