Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Ghost Soccer


Whether you choose to be on humans’ side or, surprisingly unnatural, on the ghosts’ side it doesn’t matter when playing this ghost soccer game because it is the same. You will have the same amount of fun on either sides. So, what do you say? Which part do you consider yourself to be on? 

This ghost soccer game is quite strange because it is a game that you will see from somewhere up, just like when you watch free soccer games on the television. It is also a little bit harder than other games from this category because you will play with more than one player a time, you have to be attentive at all you players and switch to another player when needed.

When playing this ghost soccer game you can switch from one player to another by using the ‘’M’’ button and then the space bar. You can also move the players and run towards the enemy gate with the help of the arrow keys. You will see that this game is actually quite fun…