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World Cup Header


Most people when they hear the word ‘’soccer’’ think about a team that plays against another team, on a football field, running after a ball and trying to send it in the opposite team’s gate to score. Well… these free World Cup soccer games are not exactly like that! This time you will play World Cup Header – a game where the whole thing is that you manage to play a football-volleyball game where you have to shoot the soccer ball to your opponent using your head.

These free World Cup soccer games are quite interesting because they bring to you another view on soccer, they show football lovers that it is possible to enjoy football in other ways and still be extremely fun! 3D soccer games online like World Cup Header can be played in single player or multiplayer so, if you choose to play against the computer you should know that the keys used are ‘’A’’ and ‘’D’’ for moving right and left and ‘’W’’ for jumping.

What is very important at these free World Cup soccer games is not to let the ball fall down and you will surely be the winner. So, if you want to be the best at this game start with practicing a little bit and you will become an expert in the shortest time.