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Shootout Challenge


When you thing about soccer the first thing that comes into your mind in the fact that it is the most popular and known sport from all over the world. I don’t think that there is a single country that hasn’t got at least a soccer team. That is why there are so many soccer shooting games invading the internet.

One of those games and a very good one indeed is Shootout Challenge. A game that is made for you to have a show! When you play these soccer shooting games you will see an actual arena, and a very realistic football court, and you will see your character in front of the gate…

Yes… you have to try and score as many goals as you and when you play these World Cup penalty games setting the aim using the round target that you can see on the screen. All that you need to do in these soccer shooting games is try and aim as good as you can and defend the gate well when your turn comes.