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More and more people are becoming fans of football and more and more games are appearing that have as a main theme this very challenging team game… well… if you are looking to play penalty games that are both fun and entertaining you have come to the right place! Here you can find a variety of classic soccer games and not only. Also we have games for every taste and every type of personality, the only thing is for you to be interested in playing soccer online!

This time we have prepared for you a very nice game called Topsekti! It is a soccer game that you will surely enjoy because it will nonetheless bring the smile on your face immediately! When you play penalty games, and especially Topsekti you won’t use an actual human character to perform the schemes, but an extremely funny biscuit-like character.

When you play penalty games you will see the biscuit standing in front of the game, with a football ball in front of it and what you need to do is make it dribble the ball for points. You can do it with the help of your mouse by clicking on its foot or on its head depending on where you want to keep the ball in balance. A fact which you have to keep in mind is that you will receive more points if you dribble the ball on your head!

When you think about it, Topsekti is a game that can easily help you practice keeping the ball at your feet! You will see that in short time you will nonetheless become an expert and score incredible amounts of points. It is a shame to skip this opportunity to play such a cool game…

Topsekti is a game that will both make you laugh and inspire you to try harder to perform better. If you start to play penalty games you won’t stop easily because Topsekti is very addictive.