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3g Free Kick


3g Free Kick is another game that you will become addicted in seconds! So, if you like to play football games in reality you will surely enjoy it in the virtual world – online – alongside millions of people all over the world! This freekick game is waiting to be played by someone passionate and active! That person is you!

3g Free Kick is another game that offers you the occasion to play the last part of a soccer game! The most important part – when your performance can decide the fate of you team! Depending on your play you may take your team on the road towards victory or you can condemn then to loosing! What do you think may be? Are you ready to show the whole world that by playing this freekick game you can become the ultimate champion?!

You will be very surprised to see that now we have offered you a game that has all the traits a good game needs! It is challenging and also funny! Quite realistic in terms of the movement of the character – it actually looks like it is filmed! All of your moves are closely monitored and filmed! These goal shooting games, even if they are cartoon-like, they are the most realistic as they can get!

And also as you may think – 3g Free Kick is a game that is played using the mouse! Not so unusual for a soccer game! Because when playing a freekick game you need all the freedom of movement that you can get… so… this game gives you plenty of freedom! You can set the direction of the shot by placing the mouse in the desired direction and the power by clicking the right mouse button when it reaches the level you want. 

Like all urban soccer games, when playing this freekick game you need to finish the game a winner! You have to score as many goals as you can in a given time. And each level you will be given a certain number of goals which you need to score to move up! It is not that hard to do it and you will see that you will have lots of fun and even laughs!