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Beckham soccer games


I am sure that you heard of David Beckham even if you are not a fan of football. Well… this time this famous player is the star of these Beckham soccer games. But even from the beginning you will see that he is not in his perfect shape – he is injured… But even if he is in crutches and has one of his legs hurt he continues to play and counts on you to help him score goals. 

If you want to play free penalty kick games I would say that these Beckham soccer games are exactly what you are looking for so prepare yourself for what is worse as your player is not in his best shape. After choosing the team to play for you can start the game. You can move Beckham from right to left using the side arrows and help him shoot with pressing the ‘’1’’, ‘’2’’ and ‘’3’’ numbered keys at the perfect time when the ball is in front of you. 

You have several chances to shoot and in order to win help your team to win you have to score as many goals as you can. You will see that even if your player is not 100% in shape you can help him make a difference. These Beckham soccer games are exactly what you need and the cheers of the crowd when scoring will surely change your day!