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Football Header


Like in each type of online soccer games you will need to control your player to make as many doubles as you ca.

Move your player under the ball when the ball falls to get a double. Each one will count to your final score. But be careful, after you drop your ball, and the ball hits the grass your counting is over, and you need to take it from the beginning. If you make 11 doubles in a raw, and then the ball hits the grass, your score will be 11. To get a new, and a higher score you need to make more than 11 doubles.

In these types of online soccer games you control your player with your mouse. Use your mouse cursor to move your player under the falling ball. If the ball touches the ground, it will be counted as a miss. After 10 misses, the game gets over. You will see that in this soccer game online you can get some bonuses. One of the bonuses is a ball with a plus mark inside, which will give you an extra 10 points to your doubles. And the other bonus is the “Play More” ball. If you are able to hit that bonus ball while you are making your doubles, then that ball will cancel some misses.

Prove yourself that you are a better doubler then are Ronaldinho or Beckham and make a new high score online by getting over 100 doubles with your head. The world wide record is 78 doubles that were ever made with the head. We bet that you can do 79 to win that trophy. Don’t panic if you won’t be able to do them in your first attempt. Practice some rounds and you’ll see that you’ll improve your skills at this header equilibrium.

Football Header is a good way to improve your header doubles and is the best type of free soccer games. Those online soccer games can give you the satisfaction of a real player after you have practice some rounds and you get a good score.