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Stone Age Penalty


Kicking down with great soccer games is a cool way to have fun, even since the prehistorical times. So let's go back to when it all started and enjoy a stoneage penalty round, with the world's titans. Choose your fierce player from among the hoards of fearless and imposing prehistorical characters and let's start some penalty playing. You can choose an imposing name and compete against bears, tigers, buffalo , panthers and mammoths, depending on your football skills.

First, you play against the tigers, so get your feline ambitions out and compete against an agile opponent.

Try to calculate the best angle for you to shoot from, kicking and throwing the ball so that the opponent doesn't have time enough o react and divert the ball. For each missed ball, the other team scores and for each ball you manage to get in the hood, your team wins one. So pay attention, focus and keep your eyes on the arrow stating the velocity and power of your kick. After you get your chance to score, it's time to defend your territory and anticipate the other team's move. Be agile as you try to kick the ball out of your gate and make sure you lead your team to victory.

Each level brings new challenges and a new difficulty rate, so you need to get better and better at this football stoneage penalty kicks. Practice till you get the best out of your system and be confident enough you will dominate the other team. You can find helpful tips in some some other adrenaline rush games, like biliards drift , that will teach you a thing or two about aiming before shooting, a very useful technique in this penalty game. Calculating your angle, strength and focus is a key essential thing, so be strategic about your prehistorical game!

Also, to brag about your stone-age penalty score, you can submit it online and be in the winner's top, available for all to see. So enjoy the penalty kicks and good luck challenging the ultimate mammoths team.